• Hoope has been selected as the winner of HealthTech Track at World Cup Tech Challenge organized by SV Forum, Silicon Valley, California, 04.06.2015.
  • Hoope has been selected as a finalist of Health Track at Hello Tomorrow Challenge which will take place in Paris 24-26 of June 2015.
  • Hoope has been selected as a winner of Startup Peru and is now a part of the Generation 2, 22.04.2015.
  • Hoope has been selected as a winner of Startup Chile and is now a part of the Generation 12, 05.12.2014.

  • Hoope won the Google - D. Camp USD 20,000 prize at  the World Startup Competition hosted by Startup Nations in Seoul, South Korea, 25.11.2014 
  • Hoope has been selected as a winner of Startup Mexico and is now a part of 3 Generation SUM.



Hoope featured on Channel 24 KZ (Russian language), 01.09.2014.

Hoope featured on Channel Білім және Мәдениет арнасы (Kazakh language), 11.09.2014


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